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Are you bored with same kind of living home or planning to get a new house since it’s been an old one? It’s time for you to renovate the homes with best Home interior designers in Chennai. Home is something very special where we will not change ourselves when compared to outside World. Wherever we go we wanted to get back to our home as soon as possible. So that home should be peaceful and cozy place with the perfect interior designs. From living room to balcony it should be pleasing and soothing with its interior designs.

Tailor your home Interior with Orgo Interior for a charming residence:

 Since 2014 Orgo Interiors has been one of the most excellent interior designers in Chennai. Orgo interiors is an end-to –end solution of your dream house. We provide all kinds of service when it comes to home interiors designs, we are the most wanted home interior designers in Chennai. With the impressive latest design we give trend stylish living room, aesthetic look kitchen, elegant sleeping space, stunning balcony and elevated restrooms and many more.  We stand unique when compared to other interior designers over a decade with our dedicated team, upgraded and trendy designs, executing your dream into reality is our main goal to implement.  Before we dwell into the categories of home interior you must know one thing that home is a place where we can be the best version of ourselves.

Choosing the right interior design and right  home interior designer in Chennai is the most important crucial one.

Categories of Living room interior design we offer:


Living Area layout




Suited square feet


Sunlight is most vital plus when you go for Contemporary style of living room.


2.Indian Statement

This particular type is considered as the Pan-Indian type where the living room is designed with solid wood, handmade craft and many more.

It differs according to the size of the house minimal, but approximately 100sq.

3. Minimalism

It was known for its style before but now it became our lifestyle to maintain minimal distractions.


Small-200to 250 sq


Large -300to 350sq

4. Bohemian

Fill up your living room with all the findings from different parts of the country for its look like tanjore paintings tribal masks etc.

Can vary from 150-300sqf

5. Art Deco

This style was born between 2 world wars, when France looking for some creativity it’s known for its luxuries with the taste of drama. With the bold color it gives a sophisticated environment.

Smaller space-200sqf

Larger-400 Sqf






1. Contemporary style of living room


  • Great importance given to the natural or sunlight.
  • Pastel color palette which improves your mood and a living room with bright color can be used for furniture’s such as pillows cushions etc.
  • Eco-friendly.

2) Indian Statement

  • Bold and rich aesthetic brings you a vibrant feel when your there in.
  • Suitable for both modern and traditional elements which can be blend according to the desires.
  • Creates a living room with warm welcome for the guest in the cultural and heritage way.
Red Island shaped kitchen in chennai

3. Minimalist style of living room

  • It enhance the living room.
  • Because of spacing you can keep everything in orderly manner which gives you a visual treat.
  • It is known for its cost-effective and classy look.

4. Bohemian

  • Budget-friendly.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Uncommon aesthetic.

5. Art Deco

  • A living room with global art prestige which gives you luxurious look.
  • It is the sound investment for the future.
  • This particular style in living room  is popular among all over world and practiced throughout the world

Elegance in limited space: Looking for Home interior designers in Chennai for your 2bhk and 3bhk Bedroom designs:

 Discover the categories of 2bhk and 3bhk bedroom designs for your home with us. We have ample categories which is suited for your lifestyle. Décor and Aesthetic, color palette and furniture according to your wish will be implemented by our best interior designers in Chennai. To make the bedroom look more attractive and to give a spender look then you must visit our website for the Exuberant design. Bedroom is something we take rest after having a tiring day it should be cozy and make you comfortable for taking rest.  We offer service for 2bhk and 3bhk bedroom renovation and decoration. Kids’ bedroom designs also available according to the wish.

Peninsula Kitchen in chennai

Categories of 2bhk and 3 bhk bedroom designs for your need:

2bhk and 3 bhk bedroom layout type


Suited square feet


It is highly recommended for those who love Minimalist simplicity in their bedroom. Discover a feature wall with a brick-pattered wallpaper. Kids bedroom design can be elevating into this design.

          120-200 Sqf.

2. Minimal Glam 

A minimal style with its choice of material goes glam in this type. This also comes under luxury and by using plush fabrics, soft furnishing make it even more attractive for your bedroom.

150-250 sqf.

3.Mid-century Modern 

As you move from a separate house to the apartments definitely this style going to stand first for your 2bhk and 3bhk

             150-250 sqf

4. Colonial

It is combination style of East and west. Tall ceiling layout and stone interior designs make it to stand first. Kids bedroom can also be decorated with this interor. The décor materials would be glass, trunks, globes etc.

200-300 sqf

5. Eclectic

It will be combination of different style from various regions and time period. It create a unique customized style.



1) Scandinavian


  • It is suitable for those who likes to have natural light in their bedroom.
  • It gives you cozy atmosphere and it’s also suited for kids bedroom.
  • It will everlasting design over the years.


  • Limited color pallets options.
  • High maintence.
  • It is expensive when compared to other styles.

2) Minimal Glam


  • It will develop a sense of calm and customization.
  • Suitable for Cohesive look and since its minimal space it is highly suitable for kids bedroom.
  • It will not go out of style.
  • It gives you a potential coldness.


  • Because of its potential coldness it will create cold all the time.
  • Frequent cleaning is mandatory because of its light color and luxury material.

3) Mid-century Modern


  • Iconic materials will be used because of this it will give a versatile look.
  • Furniture will be dominating according to the color.
  • You will have ample storage in this type.


  • Restricted softness.
  • Since it has been popular style you won’t feel unique.

4) Colonial


  • It gives you historic look and decorated carving makes you to feel like you are in that period.
  • Soft colours, warm and comfortable furnishing.
  • By using rich material it will give sense of luxury and charm.


  • It is only applicable if you have ample space.
  • Potential or over decoration might be challenging for you to maintain it.
  • Not modern and stylish.

5) Eclectic


  • Budget-friendly.
  • You can mix the different style under one style.


  • Without proper planning if you’re going to choose this style might leads to chaotic or cluttered.
  • It is time consuming to complete the look for the visual treats

We provide the above mentioned home interior designers can be applicable for both bedroom, living room and kitchen. And we have best designer’s team for the stunning results. There is also various facts which must be impressive for you to choose us such as budget-friendly, countless designs. The best interior designers will carve your need very carefully and implement in well customized way.

Customized options for kitchen:

  We also offer various kitchen interior designs according to your need and desire. We have wide range of categories if we talk about kitchen style. L-shaped, I-shaped, contemporary, traditional modular kitchen, parallel kitchen, Straight kitchen, Island kitchen and so on. Each has its unique property when it comes to pricing and material used.

Design and Motif: Reframing your bathroom for Artistry look:

The design and motif you choose for your bathroom obvious will influence the type of decision you make. We provide different categories and style when you talk about Bathroom designing. We have wide range which comes under major categories will be shown in the below table:

 Bathroom layout type


Suited Square  feet

1. Traditional bathroom.

It brings you the aesthetic touch to the traditional one. The style often equals to sophisticated.

It starts from 35 sqf to 100sqf large for master bathroom.

2.Minimalist bathroom

It gives you simple designs for small space. It also saves space It focus on simplicity and color palette are also very mild.

Small-25-40 sqf

Master bathrrom-50-100 sqf.

3.Modern bathroom

It can be the one of the best options whose loves to have simple and small spaces in their bathroom.

Small- 35sqf

Master bathroom- 100 sqf.

4.Eclectic bathroom

It blends various style of bathroom under one roof.

40-100 sqf

  • Traditional bathroom:


  • Timeless style
  • More comfortable
  • Budget friendly.


  • Because of traditional bathroom it won’t make everyone happy by seeing it.
  • It needs regulate maintenance since the materials used here are natural stones and intricate tiles.
  • Minimalist bathroom:
  • Easy to clean because of minimalist style.
  • Simple and neat type
  • Flexibility it can be visual appealing.


  • Insufficient storage
  • It might trigger cold in your body because of its cold atmosphere.
  • It is not suitable for everyone.
  • Modern bathroom:
  • Inculcation of latest technology
  • It allows natural light.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Not universally liked by all.
  • Cost expensive might be a problem at the end of the materials used.

    4) Eclectic bathroom:

  • Unusual and customized type.
  • It creates visual interest.
  • Chance for self-expressions


  • The mixture of various style under one type sometimes the owner might find difficult to choose.
  • It might go out of style

Categories of Balconies

Balcony layout type


Square feet



1)Cantilevered balcony

Often used for modern artitcheture and limited space.

20-50 square feet

It maximize the outdoor space and gives aesthic look.

Cost and maintenance challenge

2)False balcony.

It is decorative balcony and attached exterior aesthetics.

10-20 sqf

Space-saving and cost effective. It allows natural light.

Less privacy concerns.

Design choice is limited. Some people will not prefer because of its decorative style.

3)Mezzanine balcony

It is mostly accessible by using the staircase or ladder. It is mostly fixed with open to the floor.

100-400 sqf

Architectural visual treat.

Additional useable area.

Space constraints,

Expensive when it comes to the cost.

4)Juliet balcony

It is known for its shallow space. It is often fixed directly to the building wall.

10-20 sqf



Does not provide social interaction. There is only limited designs available.

5) A loggia balcony.

 It is usually covered with glass partion.

50-300 sqf

Space will be sufficient for social interactions. Architural delight.

Cleaning and maintance might be challenging one. Cost is also very expensive

6)Balcony ceiling design

 It stands for both decorative and practical usage. It is finished by various material which appreciate the building.

20-30 sqf

It saves from weather. It also serves soundproof balcony it will reduce noise from outside and inside.

Limited designs and limited natural light.



Our team has excelled with combines with creativity, functionality, planning and aesthetic will bring charm to your home interior.  We give our best to make you home a happy place for upcoming years with our latest home interior designs and home interior designer in Chennai. For more details contact and get a free counselling session with our team.

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