Our Story

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ORGO Interiors a Home Interior designing firm owned by ORGO Lifespaces Pvt Ltd has a long story to narrate from its conception to being known as one of the best interior design companies in Chennai and moving along to facelift its services across South India. So passionate is our team that we started taking up projects without the formalization of the company and started providing working spaces by 2014. Our enthusiastic and creative team was all about providing the best solutions to homeowners who wanted the best for their homes when it comes to Interiors with no compromise on design, execution and timely handovers.

What makes us one of the best interior design companies in Chennai?

At ORGO Interior Design we strongly believe in the adage that action speaks louder than words, that’s why we are fond of the verb. Acquiring the superlative wasn’t easy; it all began with the founder Kumarvel an ardent lover of designs who always wanted himself and his family to live in the midst of what they loved. He brought his house and his family in bond with aesthetic designs. The happy family welcomed everyday gazing at the colours, designs, furnishings, simple artefacts in culmination with nature to transform their living nest into a magnificent home. He was filled with appreciation by his near and dear ones, friends and acquaintances for his innovative designs and there he discovered his passion and strength which led to the germination of the idea to offer home interior design services to customers who are fervently inclined towards living in the midst of what they love.

The journey from good to being the best at what we do wasn’t all rosy and maintaining the sweet spot as one of the best interior design companies in Chennai required us to knuckle down on every project and go the extra mile to handover our customers their dream homes.

ORGO Interiors was honoured as the Top 10 Home Interior Designers in Chennai by Global Hues.

Orgo interiors

Awards & Recognition

ORGO Lifespaces, established in 2014, is an end-to-end Interior Designing, Consulting & Execution firm dealing with home space and workspace solutions, offering customers a ‘One-Stop shopping’ advantage from concept to completion. With the overwhelming response from consumers ORGO Lifespaces registered a company and is now called ‘ORGO Lifespaces Pvt Ltd’ and owns the brand ORGO Interiors.

Our understanding of our customer’s requirements from inception to conception until completion has given us a cutting edge over our competitors when it comes to offering customized home interiors solutions. We believe our highest honourable award comes from our customers who believed in our expertise and appreciate our creativity and professionalism. If we have received an honour the credit goes to our team of professionals and our dear customers.

Our Vision

We envision becoming a successful residential interior design firm by strengthening our commitment, building our credibility and offering client centric home interior designs.

Our Mission

To transform customer’s homes from just living spaces into a beautiful nest they love to live in. We pledge to offer design solutions that inspire our clients, reflect their personality and impact their lives positively.

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