Why nature and home must blend!


Man has always sought out within himself a sense of peace and identity. During earlier times, homes and nature were not independent entities, they beautifully blended with each other, think a tiny house in a village set in the middle of trees and lush green fields. Somewhere with the onset of urbanization, this intimate connection with the earth has been lost. And with this, we also lose a sense of balance.

Did you know that nature is part of our mental make-up?

Yes, it even has a scientific term, biophilia. This just means that we as humans are naturally drawn to the natural world. It imbues us with wellness, happiness, and inner joy. With the inside well-balanced, life in its entirety resounds with a better quality of life. This was something our forefathers knew very well. In fact, it brings tangible health benefits such as reduction in stress, heart rate variability, blood pressure, cortisol, and sympathetic nervous system activity.

Add a touch of greenery

Potted plants are not the only way to do this. How about a terrarium? This is a mini garden placed in a glass container and requires very little maintenance. Plants in the home instantly liven up your space and bring in more oxygen too.

Choose natural materials

Bringing natural materials into your home is an easy way to feel the beauty of nature and indulge your tactile senses. Think wooden furniture. You can add natural stone textured walls to bring a rustic look. This can be even used as a backdrop for a water feature.

Invite the elements home

Fire, water, earth, these elements can make you feel grounded. Candles have a fire element that brings a cosy feel. A small tabletop fountain will add a soft gurgling that will calm the mind. A glass jar of pebbles or a few pebbles as decoration can be your tribute to the earth element. Go for large windows that let in plenty of air and light.

Let nature surround you and immerse you in its embrace, you will see the world more different than you think.

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